Gojo Satoru 3D Lamp (Jujustu Kaisen)

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Product Description

This Gojo Satoru 3D Lamp works on an optical acrylic light guide plate with an engraving of 2D graphics that highlights a 3D visual impact. Basically, the acrylic light guide plate (that looks like glass) is unbreakable. It’s not like a normal glass that might harm you if you, by mistake, fall it down. We’ve even done drop-down tests with the Gojo Satoru 3D Lamp, and it wasn’t damaged at all.

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By looks, you might feel like a led strip is used on the glass, which isn’t the real construction of this Gojo Satoru anime lamp. There is an engraving on the acrylic plate, and the led light comes from the bottom, and it creates a 3D visual impact. The light’s intensity is pretty high, you can see it from far, and it lights up a corner of a room completely. Gojo Satoru Lamp is an awesome choice to be placed near your bed. It won’t attract mosquitoes as the light is warm.

gojo satoru 3acd lamp 2

There’s a simple plug & use USB wire provided with this lamp. You can use any phone’s charger and plug the USB of this anime lamp just like you plug any phone charging wire, and it’ll work efficiently. Also, you can simply use the wire on your pc or laptop to use this lamp. Gojo Satoru Lamp from Jujutsu Kaisen is the best choice for gifting your friends who love anime. Not just that, this lamp is pretty safe to use as well, besides being a great choice for decoration. There are no small parts that might hurt you if it falls down. Also, there are no low voltage issues, and it has double resistance protection.

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Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 9 × 19 cm


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